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This club is dedicated to helping students be more aware of the growing problems around the increasing numbers of the homeless. We hope to spark thinking within students and push them to actively understand the problems that homeless people face daily. Meetings will be held monthly and there will be several events a month. In order to achieve this, we will help the homeless community by organizing food and clothing drives, writing cards, going to soup kitchens and homeless shelters, and much more! In terms of expanding our knowledge about the homeless community, we will have informative meetings, which will consist of discussing laws, policies, statistics, and treatment surrounding the homeless, and media coverage of news articles describing what is happening in real-time with the homeless community.









Members Benefits

Members will be in a safe and open space to be able to learn about the political, social, and statistical aspects of homelessness and become more aware of the hardships homeless people face daily. From learning about homeless people's struggles, members will hopefully become advocates for the homeless.

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Sophia Tong

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