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The mission of the Macaulay Ethics Society at the Macaulay Honors College of the City University of New York is to educate members of the student body about diverse, multidisciplinary ethical issues as found in current academic literature, such as the Journal of Applied Philosophy; to educate students on a vast range of philosophical frameworks through which to approach ethical decision-making; to foster intellectual discussion among students regarding current ethical dilemmas that enriches the perspectives of all members; and to ultimately serve to empower students to explore and address ethical issues in their own communities as students, citizens, and eventually as professionals in their disciplines of choice.









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Membership benefits include access to and participation in a community of peers interested in open discussion on morally gray and topical ethical issues using relevant philosophical frameworks, as well as how to read and digest the content of academic journals in applied philosophy and ethics. Club members will also receive notice of opportunities to participate in larger public ethics roundtables and interactive webinars led by reputable ethics organizations, such as the Association for Practical and Professional Ethics and the Institute of Business Ethics.

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