About Us

Macaulay Diversity Initiative is a team working to increase outreach to students of Latinx and Black origins, while celebrating existing cultures at Macaulay Honors College. At Macaulay Diversity Initiative, we are committed to creating an inclusive environment where all CUNY students feel welcome and represented. We discuss the issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity for people of all backgrounds; and use our voices to create change in the Macaulay and greater CUNY community.

Build a Community

Meet other students from across the CUNY community with similar interests and expectations. Interact with students across all eight Macaulay campuses.  Join us for dynamic events and activities, and get involved in our committees.

Make Connections

Our members are encouraged to communicate with the Macaulay staff members to create an inclusive environment. Companies like EY-Parthenon have partnered with our initiative, and offered club members networking sessions.

Create Change

Use your voice to create change within the Macaulay and greater CUNY community. We take on the issues of racism, equity, and inclusion to create a safe and welcoming environment for students of all backgrounds.